Innovative Success

Through its work on the Port of Miami project, LIUNA and its workers on the project have shown that they provide Miami-Dade taxpayers with responsible, accountable and fiscally sound work on publicly funded infrastructure projects. More importantly, close to 90-percent of workers on the tunnel project are local Miami-Dade residents. The successes of the Port of Miami project can be replicated for a number of taxpayer funded projects and provide local residents already employed on the tunnel project with a seamless transition from one project to the next.

The Port of Miami tunnel project has been included in “Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition,” a report of the world’s most innovative and inspiring urban infrastructure projects. The more than $1 billion dollar project is a success story for the Miami-Dade community as it put area residents back to work on a local project funded by taxpayer dollars. Highlights of the successes include:

  • 87% of workers on the project are residents of Miami-Dade County.

  • Recruited from and assessed nearly 10,000 job applications.

  • Produced Monthly Transparency Reports.

  • Provided Construction Skills Training.

  • Ensured employees on the project have access to healthcare, retirement and other benefits.

  • Project budget was met without any added costs.